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The Pain of Abortion

Many times anti-abortion supporters focus on the morality of the issue and not the physical aspects.  Perhaps that should change. It is the opinion of some in the medical field that during an abortion a baby can actually feel the pain.  This year in Indiana, Senate bill 146 will determine whether or not women who [...]

The Candidates’ Stand on Abortion

Though this is not a recent article, it reflects the beliefs and ideals of the candidates running for election of President of the United States in 2008.  In response to last year’s Supreme Court ruling banning partial-birth abortions, an abhorrent practice that often involves forced partial-birth and the crushing of a baby’s skull while still [...]

AusAID Attempts to Lift Abortion-Advising Ban

The Australian funded government has banned an organization known as “AusAID” from educating women overseas about abortion. The program is funded and run by the government, which begs to question: Why deal with abortion? Dr. Mal Washer said it himself: “No one likes abortion,” [he] told [the reporter]. “I don’t like abortion, but it is [...]

Men have abortions too

“We had abortions,” said Mark B. Morrow, a Christian counselor. “I’ve had abortions.” The above is just one statement of several included in an article titled Changing Abortion’s Pronoun that came out in the LA times today.  The author of this article discusses how many men often suffer through the same guilt and depression that women do [...]

Pro-Abort Attacks Pro-Life Protestor, episode #345,645

World Net Daily has an article about another attack by a pro-abortion extremist against those who practice their freedom of speech and question the killing of children. This happens quite often although the media ignore it. Pro-life activists are calling for an investigation into – and possibly prosecution of – police officers who responded to a [...]

A Simple Boycott

Sometimes the way to make someone listen to you, is to boycott something they make or something they do or by simply not going to certain places. According to a new release, Planned Parenthood has several backers. Some who are known, some who aren’t as the article by Steven Ertelt of LifeNews says. No, we [...]

Election ’08: The Future of Abortion

It is alarming how many main-stream politicians are pro-abortion. A few appear wishy-washy in their beliefs. According to the CNN Election Center 2008, popular candidate Mitt Romney began his political lifestyle as a pro-abortionist. Now, he has switched his views to a popular “sometimes” view. Only Republican John McCain seems to share Romney’s view on [...]

Teenage abortion rates rising

Read the original article here. A recent article came out stating that an increase in teen abortions occurs after the Winter holidays.  Certainly this should be an alarming revelation. The problem in this instance isn’t just the fact that teenagers are more likely to have abortions during the holidays, it’s the fact that they can get [...]

Obama: Soft on Crime, Higher Taxes, Pro-Abortion Extremist. Yay says Oprah!

  Here’s a comment I posted on this pro-Obama blog: When it comes to Oprah, Caveat Emptor, buyer beware. She promoted James Frey’s memoir which turned out to be a fake. She promoted “the Secret”, a nonsensical cult that blames people for ALL their problems (you can’t change reality by thinking it), and she promoted [...]