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Election ’08: The Future of Abortion

Written by Fiona R on | January 4, 2008 | No Comments

It is alarming how many main-stream politicians are pro-abortion. A few appear wishy-washy in their beliefs. According to the CNN Election Center 2008, popular candidate Mitt Romney began his political lifestyle as a pro-abortionist. Now, he has switched his views to a popular “sometimes” view.

Only Republican John McCain seems to share Romney’s view on abortion: That a baby should be aborted in cases of rape, incest, or for the safety of a mother.

Ron Paul brushes the topic off onto states, instead of making it a federal – and therefore more effective, with harsher punishments – law.

In short, who should you vote for? When it comes to abortion, voting Democrat would be a bad idea. All of the Democratic candidates, as well as Republican Rudy Giuliani, support abortion and would refrain from dealing with the issue accordingly. As for Republican, this blogger supports Republican Duncan Hunter: He opposes abortion, and has attempted to do something against it during his time as a representative of California.


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