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Men have abortions too

Written by Maria O'Connor on | January 7, 2008 | No Comments

We had abortions,” said Mark B. Morrow, a Christian counselor. “I’ve had abortions.”

The above is just one statement of several included in an article titled Changing Abortion’s Pronoun that came out in the LA times today.  The author of this article discusses how many men often suffer through the same guilt and depression that women do after abortions.

Therapist Vincent M. Rue, who helped develop the concept of post-abortion trauma, runs an online study that asks men to check off symptoms (such as irritability, insomnia and impotence) that they feel they have suffered as a result of an abortion. When men are widely recognized as victims, Rue said, “that will change society.”

Indeed it will change society.  Before, abortion has often been labeled as women’s problem: something for the women to worry about and fight over, with men only getting involved to  help.  Now society is forced to look at the other half of the relationship. Abortion is no longer a feminist topic.

If it comes into the spotlight that men suffer from abortion too, that it isn’t only the women who are hurt by it (besides the babies themselves, but that’s another topic), perhaps the ease with which abortions are able to be performed will dissipate.

Chris Aubert, a Houston lawyer, felt only indifference in 1985 when a girlfriend told him she was pregnant and planned on an abortion. When she asked if he wanted to come to the clinic, he said he couldn’t; he played softball on Saturdays. He stuck a check for $200 in her door and never talked to her again.

Aubert, 50, was equally untroubled when another girlfriend had an abortion in 1991. “It was a complete irrelevancy,” he said. But years later, Aubert felt a rising sense of unease. He and his wife were cooing at an ultrasound of their first baby when it struck him — “from the depths of my belly,” he said — that abortion was wrong.

“I have this stain on my soul,” Aubert said, “and it will always be there.”

It is no longer a question of women’s choice or women’s rights.  The fathers have to be taken into account as well.  Even men who originally supported the abortions of their babies, like Chris Aubert, have afterwards felt deep regret.
Now the men need to take a step further and stand up to tell others what they go through.  It is the time for awareness and protest.

Aubert pictures men by the hundreds praying, chanting — and waving signs: “I regret my abortion.”
I think that is a good idea.


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