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Don’t Forget About the Women

Written by KristiC on | April 23, 2008 | No Comments

So often, when we think of the pro-life movement, we consider the baby in the womb, but forget about the needs of the woman carrying the life inside of her. We “shove” pro-life rhetoric down her throat, trying to convince her that it is murder to abort, when the reality is that she already knows. Our approach to women must be more holistic.

In the political arena, I feel it appropriate to use the brutal realities of abortion. These would be the photos of aborted babies, and the *Abortion is murder* signs, but when approaching women on the issue of abotion, there must be a spirit of truthfulness, gentleness, and an attitude that says, *I care about you and your situation*. We can validate her and her feelings without approving of her decision (should it be abortion). We can share information about her choices so that she can make an informed decision. We can offer her emotional support, that says, *I still care for you even though you aborted*.

I write this after being educated. I thought that it was all about the baby. I had this vigilante mindset that I was going to save the babies. I just started the pursuit of being a counselor in a crisis pregnancy center with the intention of “saving babies”, but on the first day of training, I discovered the woman. I was taught that we would be serving women who have been through the ringer, and the situation they are in has them in such a moral and physical deilemmna. And my purpose was not to save their baby from destruction, my purpose was to care for her and minister to her where she is at. My purpose is to share information with her and then hope and pray she makes the right decision concerning her life.

I do not agree with abortion. I think that every woman who gets pregnant should carry the baby to term and either parent, or make an adoption plan for her baby. In a perfect world, this would happen. But since we live in an imperfect world, I urge you to consider the woman. I urge you to feel compassion for the struggle she’s in. I urge you to recognize the pain that the abortion causes her emotionally, physically and spiritually. There are sometimes circumstances that in her mind, although do not make her choice to abort “right” they force her into a decision that no woman should have to make.

So today, my thought is don’t forget about the women. They need people to care for them, and not pass judgment on them.


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