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Love, Responsibility and the Right to Life

Written by admin on | July 10, 2008 | No Comments

In the debate over abortion (and now even infanticide, sadly), we need to illustrate how abortion, the euphemism we use for the killing of an innocent human being, is at odds with love. Many pro-abortion people try to equate “love” with abortion of a disabled child, which is of course disgusting and evil. Killing someone because they’re “different” is hate, not love. We should show pregnant mothers love by offering them support, telling them we will be willing to baby sit for single mothers, and how we need to not dehumanize human beings because they’re “different”: smaller, younger, not as developed, disabled, or from a poor family.

 We also need to emphasize responsibility. If a couple don’t want a child yet, perhaps they should use a condom… what an idea. There’s also adoption, for those who decided to not use a condom.

Pro-abortion people often invoke the “choice” mantra. I’m all for choice–choice of what cell phone plan to buy, choice of what kind of car to buy, choice of school to attend. Everyone is for the choice of consenting adults to choose whom to have sex with of course, and rapists should be put away for the rest of their lives. Conservatives are often for many choices, from school choice to choice of bars to allow smoking to choice of what kind of food to buy. Liberals are often against many choices, but for the “choice” to kill a child.

 So squawking “choice” means nothing. It must be made specific. And no one should have the “choice” to kill her or his own child, just because the child is related to them, whether that child’s unborn, partially-born, or newborn. It’s no coincidence that many of the pro-abortion pundits, such as Anna Quindlen of Newsweek, advocate not only abortion-on-demand, but also killing embryos for their stem cells. She also has defended infanticide, by coming to the defense of Andrea Yates when she drowned her five children in her tub, sickenly mocking her detractors as “yappers!” Pure evil.

Showing love and responsibility means standing up for what’s right, even if it’s unpopular. Sadly, many people are too preoccupied with being “hip” and are too ignorant to realize that evil is often excused in the name of groupthink. I’m all for choice, and people should mind their own business most of the time.

Those rare exceptions when the government does have an interest is people’s business includes when a child or other innocent human being is being killed. That’s actually inline with the idea of choice, since the child has no choice to live or die, but the abortionist can choose to kill or let the child live.


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