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YouTube Censors Political Thought, Again

Written by admin on | July 11, 2008 | No Comments

YouTube recently refused to take down pro-terrorist videos, one of the founders stating that just because an opinion is unpopular doesn’t make it invalid. But freedom of speech isn’t absolute as any First Amendment scholar will tell you: there are many exceptions, such as libel/slander, copyright, obscenity, etc. That said, the most important kind of speech protected by the First Amendment is political speech. YouTube is a private company and can censor even free speech that’s not an exception, BUT they should be chastised and called our for doing so.

LifeNews has an article detailing more censorship of the pro-life message:

Detroit, MI ( — The popular video sharing web site YouTube is the subject of criticism again for removing a pro-life video exposing abortion. In this new case, YouTube took down a video from Citizens for a Pro-Life Society showing an abortion center that was investigated for illegally dumping medical waste.


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