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“18 Pro-lifers Arrested for No Reason in MD”

Written by Maria O'Connor on | August 21, 2008 | No Comments

In the most recent Stand True enewsletter, there was a section detailing how 18 people were arrested for no real cause, other than the fact that a State Trooper didn’t like what they were doing.

On August 1st a group of pro-lifers from Maryland was finishing up a day of activism [Pro-lifers stand in various locations, holding signs which show the truth about abortion. Often they will have warning signs making people aware of what they are about to see.] A State Trooper pulled over and told them to stop what they were doing. The trooper threatened them with arrest and refused to cite any law they were breaking. The trooper told one of the participants that “it did not matter what the law was, it only matted what he said it was”.

The group packed up and moved to a different jurisdiction. The trooper followed them and began to arrest them immediately when they set up again. 18 of the pro-lifers were arrested and hauled away without being told what law they had broken. They were not even read their rights. They were held overnight with out a phone call or any contact with their families.

Can we as Americans really just sit idly by and be silent while things like this go on around us? Even if we do not agree with what these citizens were doing, we should not allow them to be harassed because of their beliefs. They did nothing wrong!

The group has now all been released and the State Attorney has dropped all charges. This, however, is far from over. We cannot allow our civil rights to be violated in this manner and we cannot allow police to make up laws and arrest whoever they want. The more this happens without action being taken, the more our rights will be stolen.

We need to take a stand with this. We need to draw attention to this. We can’t just sweep this under the rug and say “oh well, it won’t happen to me”. If we let this go, there’s no telling how many times this will happen again.

Many people don’t agree with them, either with what they were saying or how they were saying it. But that does not mean that their rights should be violated. If they had been doing anything else – like protesting the Iraqi war – would this have been handled the same way? I don’t think so. Let’s raise awareness for this issue to prevent this from happening to other innocent civilians expressing their beliefs.
Tell your friends. Write a Myspace bulletin about it. Send emails. Get the news out.


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