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Barack Obama Reverses Another Pro-Life Policy

Written by admin on | March 10, 2009 | No Comments

Even though we can get pluripotent stem cells from bone marrow and blood cord, Obama unsurprisingly reversed the pro-life policy to ban federal taxpayer dollars to kill embryos–tiny human beings–for experimentation. Just another pro-abortion extremist policy from Obama.

National Review has an article about it. Killing human beings for the potential benefit is unethical and wrong. We should help the suffering with adult stem cells, not by taking it from cloned embryos, creating embryos just to kill them or taking them from “extra” embryos which could be adopted and implanted. These are tiny human beings. Killing innocent human beings is evil, regardless of age or development. Bush had not even banned it, but rather said that no tax dollars should go to killing embryos for experimentation. It should be defunded and banned, and instead we should invest more in adult stem cell research, which has actually helped many people. Adult stem cells can help people, and scientists have learned how to make them pluripotent, or able to be turned into different tissues. This is just a form of child sacrifice, the killing of the innocent and is evil and should not happen. Fetal experimentation, much like embryonic experimentation (embryonic stem cell research), also involves killing human beings, but instead of embryos, it is fetuses who are killed. Body parts are then sold to companies and universities to experiment on them. Both should be banned, and instead, ethical science should flourish.

Obama wrongly calls opposition to the killing of tiny human beings for research as “ideology.” But he has ideology, too–his ideology states that it’s okay to kill innocent human beings for profit and possible but not real benefit. Science cannot function without ethics.


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