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Jonah Golberg is Quite Possibly a Genius.

Written by admin on | March 10, 2009 | No Comments

Jonah Golderg, author of Liberal Fascism, has a hilarious spoof of the messianic appeals of Barack Obama, the most pro-abortion and unethical president in the history of the United States:

Obama’s apostles are hard to dismiss. Oprah simply calls him “The One,” because “we need politicians who know how to be the truth.” (Jesus says in John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth …”) Oprah goes on to say Obama will help us “evolve to a higher plane,” which would put Obama in the role of our Intelligent Designer.

According to the New York Times, Obama’s volunteers are taught to eschew discussions of the issues and instead “testify” about how they “came to Obama.”

For many, he’s no retro-redeemer, but a 21st-century savior, a Matrix-messiah and Neo for our modern-day Nineveh. Self-help guru Deepak Chopra dubs Obama “a quantum leap in American consciousness,” while prominent “leadership coach” Eve Konstantine assures us that, “He’s our product out of the all-knowing quantum field of intelligence.”

Looking throughout history, different regimes that have been responsible for evil ideologies and policies have been worshipped as messiahs. Sick.

Read the entire article or check out his book, which I have a copy of but am working on reading but I’m busy with PhD work right now, so I can’t vouch for all of it but it does look well-researched.


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