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If abortion is made illegal, more women will NOT die.

What do you say to people who argue that illegal abortion will cause more deaths among women? The answer is here.  A common argument from pro-abortion activists is that women will die by the thousands if abortion is made illegal. In the 1960s, the argument was used to prompt the legalization of abortion. It is still used [...]

The Pain of Abortion

Many times anti-abortion supporters focus on the morality of the issue and not the physical aspects.  Perhaps that should change. It is the opinion of some in the medical field that during an abortion a baby can actually feel the pain.  This year in Indiana, Senate bill 146 will determine whether or not women who [...]

Feminist Case Against Abortion

Many aren’t aware of Feminists for Life, but that’s changing. While I may not agree with all their points, they do have some informative literature on how all the early feminists, from Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony to Alice Paul Walker, opposed abortion and saw it as just another dehumanization of women. Check [...]

Childbirth Not More Threatening than Abortion

Pro-life blogs has some good commentary on a recent article that debunks the myth that childbirth is more dangerous than abortion for the mother. Besides, abortion is unsafe for the child since the purpose is to kill her or him, and childbirth can be safe for both the mother and the child if there is [...]