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Don’t Forget About the Women

So often, when we think of the pro-life movement, we consider the baby in the womb, but forget about the needs of the woman carrying the life inside of her. We “shove” pro-life rhetoric down her throat, trying to convince her that it is murder to abort, when the reality is that she already knows. [...]

Baby born in bathroom was alive before teen tried to flush it

A recent news article from Dallas, Texas has brought to light a disturbing reality that needs to be addressed. The article states that a 14-year-old junior high school student flushed her newborn baby down the toilet. There are some things drastically wrong with this picture. Yes, plural “things”, meaning more than just the act of flushing the [...]

Men have abortions too

“We had abortions,” said Mark B. Morrow, a Christian counselor. “I’ve had abortions.” The above is just one statement of several included in an article titled Changing Abortion’s Pronoun that came out in the LA times today.  The author of this article discusses how many men often suffer through the same guilt and depression that women do [...]