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Culture jam for life has a facebook: add us as a friend if you want at Also, please join our cause through Facebook Causes! The link is and add yourself as a fan to the Culture Jam for Life page at Let’s spread the word to raise awareness against dehumanization of innocent human [...]

Election ’08: The Future of Abortion

It is alarming how many main-stream politicians are pro-abortion. A few appear wishy-washy in their beliefs. According to the CNN Election Center 2008, popular candidate Mitt Romney began his political lifestyle as a pro-abortionist. Now, he has switched his views to a popular “sometimes” view. Only Republican John McCain seems to share Romney’s view on [...]

Colorado Petition for Science and Life

The (pro-abortion “news” service) Associated Press has an interesting article on a campaign by a pro-life woman to get others to acknowledge the scientific reality that life begins at conception:  DENVER (AP) — A 20-year-old law student has become a cause celebre in the anti-abortion movement for her efforts to have the state Constitution define fertilized [...]

Pro-Abortion Hosts of The View Attack Ron Paul

From, the pro-abortion hosts of The View go after pro-life politician: Hollywood, CA ( — Republican Rep. Ron Paul recently became the first 2008 Republican presidential candidate to make an appearance on The View. Much of his seven minute appearance on the show had to do with the topic of abortion as the pro-abortion [...]

Feminist Case Against Abortion

Many aren’t aware of Feminists for Life, but that’s changing. While I may not agree with all their points, they do have some informative literature on how all the early feminists, from Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony to Alice Paul Walker, opposed abortion and saw it as just another dehumanization of women. Check [...]

Free Speech Victory against Abortion-on-Demand

The AP reports that the driver of the anti-abortion/pro-life truck featuring photos of aborted children won’t be charged with disorderly conduct: LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. (AP) — A suburban Atlanta prosecutor has dropped a disorderly conduct charge against an anti-abortion activist who was arrested for driving a truck emblazoned with images of aborted fetuses. Gwinnett County Solicitor [...]

Childbirth Not More Threatening than Abortion

Pro-life blogs has some good commentary on a recent article that debunks the myth that childbirth is more dangerous than abortion for the mother. Besides, abortion is unsafe for the child since the purpose is to kill her or him, and childbirth can be safe for both the mother and the child if there is [...]